More About Me

Jeanine, who now calls East Sacramento home, was born and raised in a small town called San Carlos located in the Bay Area. She fell in love with the idea of real estate at a very young age. "My parents use to pack us kids into the car on weekends and go drive neighborhoods to look at houses that we couldn't afford to live in." Jeanine recalls. "Though I don't remember the houses specifically, I was mesmerized by my Mom & Dad's enthusiasm and it left a lasting impression on me."

Though her road to Real Estate was started pretty young, it was her experiences along the way that brings a well-rounded substance to Jeanine's approach. She graduated from CSU, Chico with a BA in Communications where shortly thereafter she also purchased her first home. "Back then my friends thought I was an Open House nerd, there were no hip TV shows like HGTV!" Laughs Jeanine, "I was just drawn to it."

After college Jeanine took her experience as a Chico State Orientation Advisor and Resident Advisor where it was her roll to educate, guide, and help students acclimate to campus life and then redirected those skills into business management. Her knack and passion to help people was always evident and she has lived by the principle that the root of change and self-motivation starts with information and education. After spending years in retail multi-store supervision and Director of Training and Customer Relations, Jeanine finally found her way home as a Realtor.

Everything has prepared me for this career." Jeanine states. "My approach is from an educational perspective... I don't really sell as much as I listen and lead…it is important to provide solutions, alternatives, and use a purposeful process to lead people towards their goal…having fun is essential too!"

Jeanine loves dogs! Her favorite pastime is walking her big chocolate lab Snickers around Bertha Henschel and McKinley park. Don't be surprised if you see her car parked on the side of the road trying to coax a stray dog into her car with some of Snickers treats, "I carry treats and leashes in my car," Jeanine explains, "I simply am compelled to stop and help. I guess you could say I love to help all walks of life find their way home."